FirePlus: Our Portable & Mobile Equipment Insurance

On the front line to protect lives and safeguard property from damage, volunteer, combination, & career fire departments know first hand how one catastrophic event can destroy a family or business—all that has taken so much hard work to build. Having the ability to respond quickly with the required equipment is essential to meeting the challenges our emergency responders face. FirePlus provides comprehensive insurance coverage in the event of a loss to fire apparatus, turnout gear, radios, and other mobile and portable emergency equipment to help keep our fire departments and emergency service organizations operational.



Coverage On the Move

Our proprietary Property form includes customized Portable & Mobile Equipment coverage that provides guaranteed replacement cost for firefighting vehicles and portable and mobile equipment, with no deduction for depreciation. Additionally, there is no coinsurance clause and payment of loss is up to its functional value.

We want to ensure that firefighters are prepared when an emergency situation arises with equipment ready to assist. This means providing an insurance policy that addresses an organization’s risk profile and performs when called upon.

Make Us Your Trusted Partner When It Comes to Your Insurance

Since 1928, we have taken a leadership role in pioneering many coverages specifically tailored for the benefit needs of an emergency service organization’s greatest asset – its members. Now we’re offering additional specialized insurance products that not only protect members but also the operations themselves with a comprehensive Property & Casualty insurance portfolio. Give us a call at (855) 201-8880 to find out more about FirePlus and engage with staff that truly understands the risks faced by the emergency services community.