FirePlus: Safeguarding Organizations with Our Property Insurance

The FirePlus program, underwritten by an A.M. Best “AXV” rated insurer, includes a proprietary Property insurance form designed exclusively for volunteer, combination, & career fire departments and emergency service organizations. We provide specialized, broad, and flexible coverage for fire departments, EMS & ambulance services, and rescue squads. Our extensive property protection and exceptional coverage extensions are equipped to protect against loss to buildings and other types of property.

The experience our underwriters have in Insuring the lives of America’s Heroes™ has enabled us to create a customized package of Property insurance solutions that address the various and unique exposures that exist in emergency service organizations. We understand that without proper coverage these risks could imperil an organization and prevent our emergency responders from carrying out their duties.

Property Insurance Close-Up

Our FirePlus proprietary Property insurance form includes broad definitions for real property (building, additional structures, signage, etc.), business personal property (furniture and fixtures, computer equipment, communication equipment, etc.) and outdoor property (historical markers & flagpoles, sirens, antennas, towers, storage sheds, hydrants, etc.). The policy form provides guaranteed replacement cost, comes with limited exclusions, and does not contain a coinsurance penalty. Other policy features include:

  • Blanket Policy Limit for real property, business personal property, portable equipment, mobile equipment
  • Blanket Coverage Extension Limit with separate limits for business income, extended business income, civil authority, commandeered property, extra expense, tenant leasehold interest, electronic data, preservation of property
  • Coverages Specific to Fire/EMS-Related Entities including property in transit, portable equipment & mobile equipment, pollution remediation expenses, sirens & antennas, and more
  • Additional Coverages such as accounts receivable; arson reward; backup/overflow of water from sewer, drain & sump; business personal property at new locations; debris removal; valuable papers & records; utility services – business income and extra expense; and much more

Our Property policy is ready to respond in the event of a loss such as fire, equipment breakdown, flood, earthquakes and other perils so that volunteer and career firefighters and emergency responders can continue to protect the communities they serve.

Make Us Your Trusted Partner When It Comes to Your Insurance

Since 1928, we have taken a leadership role in pioneering many coverages specifically tailored for the benefit needs of an emergency service organization’s greatest asset – its members. Now we’re offering additional specialized insurance products that not only protect members but also the operations themselves with a comprehensive Property & Casualty insurance portfolio. Give us a call at (855) 201-8880 to find out more about FirePlus and engage with staff that truly understands the risks faced by the emergency services community.