How to Improve Retention for Firefighters and Emergency Services

Retention is dependent on firefighter and responder training, when lives are on the line, especially given the evolving role of today’s firefighter. Since you specialize in medical services, hazmat, and even terrorism response; while taking on so many duties, you must be able to retain the original information. Enjoyable and effective training will increase retention. Training should not just be done because you have to, but because it’s structured well and has a social component to add to the experience.

Response Readiness

During recruitment, it’s the operation’s moral obligation to quickly and properly train new members in required skills. Any active recruitment campaign must have a training aspect in place. Up-to-date training must be continuously offered. Learning on the job is how firefighters and responders put themselves in danger.

Implement innovative approaches to enhance service and safety, while keeping tradition and presenting best-practice educational approaches. Learning and development designed to keep you at the forefront of response readiness is crucial.

If you realize you’re not accepted or seen as a capable peer, you’re more likely to leave the organization. Social acceptance and the feeling of self-esteem will bring the self-fulfillment that keep individuals around. Without adequate, timely training, this cannot happen.

To provide strong service, you must be provided with proper training and continued training for existing members. Members must continue to train frequently and pass a recertification exam every few years.

Communities’ Medical Response

With a new retention program comes the ability to show and appeal to prospects not only about the fire service but also about the urgent need for first responders. An increase in trained and available members would significantly increase the quality of the community’s services.

Another opportunity is the citizens’ continuing education. By offering first aid and CPR classes, to the general public we can create a community where trained people take action to a witnessed medical emergency. Imagine having a citizen witness a cardiac arrest and knowing how to properly perform medical duties.

Community outreach program at the schools, senior center, town library, or at a fire station are highly beneficial. Having more citizens aware of basic response skills might save a life, while the program will generate good publicity for your department.

Regional Response

Training needed for new recruits and retaining current members  should be expanded into a more regional offering. Ask that your fire department take a leadership role by offering the towns that share mutual aid an opportunity to participate in a regional training program to satisfy the following:

  • Uniformly train personnel from various communities.
  • A safer operation for all involved.
  • Better fire protection for the community.
  • A sense of accomplishment and fulfillment for department members.
  • A commitment to the members to provide standard and adequate fire and EMS training.

Those willing to step up and join the noble service must be provided with the best ongoing training possible.

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