FirePlus: Under Control with Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber threats affect all types of entities including volunteer, combination, & career fire departments and emergency service organizations. Volunteer, combination, & career fire departments hold fundraising and other community events, which could involve collecting and storing credit card data from their patrons. They also keep financial data and Social Security information on current and past members on their computer network – all of which can be compromised. Emergency service organizations prepare third-party documentation with critical personal health information (PHI), including dates of birth, Social Security numbers and medical histories, when transferring patients to a hospital or other facilities. In the event this data is compromised or a breach occurs, first responders could be held responsible for that information falling into the wrong hands, even if the loss happens after the patient is at his or her final destination.

Plug In to Our Cyber Policy

To address these exposures, FirePlus provides Privacy Liability & Network Security coverage, also known as Cyber Liability insurance. Our coverage is designed to offer the following:

  • Privacy & Network Security Wrongful Acts – will pay for defense costs and damages in the event of lawsuit by a third-party whose data was compromised
  • Breach Consultation Services – provide access to pre- and post-breach services to help mitigate and minimize losses
  • Breach Response Services – will pay for notification costs, call management, credit monitoring, regulatory fines
  • Public Relations & Data Forensics – will pay for crisis management expenses to minimize reputational damage; will also pay for the cost to determine how the breach occurred and the extent of the compromise

No organization can risk the very real threat of a cyber loss today. We can help mitigate the risk of cyber and cover exposures with comprehensive, competitive insurance.

Make Us Your Trusted Partner When It Comes to Your Insurance

Since 1928, we have taken a leadership role in pioneering many coverages specifically tailored for the benefit needs of an emergency service organization’s greatest asset – its members. Now we’re offering additional specialized insurance products that not only protect members but also the operations themselves with a comprehensive Property & Casualty insurance portfolio. Give us a call at (855) 201-8880 to find out more about FirePlus and engage with staff that truly understands the risks faced by the emergency services community.