New Year’s Resolutions For Firefighters

Career and volunteer firefighters undergo extremely stressful situations each day, many of which they cannot help but bring home with them. With 2017 coming to a close, it’s a great time for your emergency responder clients to review the past year and make proactive plans and choices to ensure 2018 is just as successful and to improve their work and home lives. In this article, we’ll share some beneficial and efficient new years resolutions that all of your clients can adopt. Most importantly, provide your expert insurance recommendations and their annual review of their Firefighter Liability Insurance programs.

Review skills.

There is always something to learn in this field of work. As new developments are implemented and new equipment is received, there is a constant need to stay alert and on top of current trends. Experts recommend connecting with your firefighting crews at least biannually to provide updates and practice honing skills that can save their lives in the field.

Address mental health.

If you are struggling with issues related to trauma — nightmares, detachment, high anxiety, depression, and more — there are mental health treatment services that can help you begin to repair and heal. Find out what is available to you through work or privately out in the public sector, and make 2018 a year of healing, recommends Medium Corporation.

It’s a taboo topic in this industry, especially since firefighters are expected to perform under severe stress on a regular basis. However, addressing mental health is not only beneficial, it’s a proactive way to reduce the severity of issues and keep the crew level headed and healthy.

Commit to self-care.

Firefighters are required to be in pristine physical condition to handle the stressors of the job. This means regular conditioning, training, and exercising are a must. To prevent injury and even death on the job, firefighters are urged to maintain their well-being by committing to self-care. Personal exercise regimes, stopping smoking and reducing alcohol intake a few great ways to improve overall health, energy and ability to manage stress.

Stay connected.

In addition to your firefighters staying connected to their mental health and their job obligations, it’s equally as important for them to remain connected to their spouses, family, and friends. Focusing on the family unit also helps to reduce stress as it provides an outlet. Your clients can promote this by creating a plan to implement a work-life balance for their crews.

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