Reducing Emergency Response Travel Time

Improving Emergency Response > Effective Training

In this series of articles, we’ve covered the three main factors that comprise emergency responder travel times. Dispatch times can be reduced with the assistance of technology, as well as turnout times. The most experienced firefighters know that preparedness is key, which is especially true for our final point: travel times. In this blog, we’ll explore how emergency responders can get to their destinations quickly and without incident via comprehensive training. Share this information with your clients and protect their operation with a Firefighter Liability Insurance package.

Apart from just utilizing technology and knowing the roads, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to getting to the emergency in a timely manner. Training is a necessary component to not only protect the firefighters, but also everyone on the roads.

Any fire department knows the prioritization of training practices on the fire rig. However, a lot of these training segments are wasted on items or practices that are so rare they go unused.

According to Firehouse, from the organizational standpoint, training is seen as being important and, to some, the lifeblood and the keys to the success of the organization. Organizational training goals are established and may include accident reduction, driver/operator skill improvements, and fostering an attitude that wrecking emergency vehicles is unacceptable. In short, training matters. This attitude starts at the chief officer level and flows throughout the organization. The substance of the training is far more important than the attendance certificate and the mark.

The training budget should reflect these goals to hire adequate trainers, simulations, and training facilities.

An outside instructor is recommended to teach training courses every few years to ensure veteran firefighters brush up on skills and new ones join the driving squad safely. Fire departments can set attainable, measurable goals to ensure everyone behind the wheel possess the necessary skills.


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