The Importance of Commercial Auto Insurance for Fire Departments

Firefighters have answered the call to risk their lives to save others. With lives on the line, they’re forced to make quick decisions, often speeding off to the location of distress calls. As such, fire departments need commercial auto insurance for added protection to help them focus on the incident instead of the what-ifs while trying to get to the scene. This article explores the benefits of a business auto insurance policy, especially regarding emergency response services.

Coverage for Fire Department Vehicles

Along with the inherent risks of the job, firefighters face additional risks while operating fire trucks and other vehicles. Even with advanced training to maneuver the roads, other drivers sometimes fail to follow protocol. When the alarm sounds and the engine rolls out, firefighters focus on getting to the scene and not a possible accident happening. Unfortunately, any vehicle on the road faces the risk of getting into an accident.

The financial losses associated with a vehicle accident may have far-reaching consequences for a fire department. Along with causing damage to another person’s property, having a fire truck out of service due to repairs limits a department’s ability to do the job right. Unlike other vehicles, repairs on a fire truck may cost significantly more. With tight budgets and vital jobs, commercial insurance helps cover associated costs. These policies also protect against theft, vandalism, and other unexpected damage.

Liability Protection

One key advantage of commercial auto insurance remains liability protection, which can be critical in the event of unexpected accidents amid the chaos and stress of emergency calls. Every year, approximately 30,000 firetruck crashes occur, potentially leading to injuries and damages.

Should a fire truck accident happen, a commercial auto policy covers bodily injury, pollution cleanup, and property damage caused by the driver of the fire truck or rescue vehicle. When a third party suffers an injury, this policy covers medical expenses, pain and suffering, legal fees, and loss of income.

The impact of a massive vehicle like a firetruck may easily total a small car or cause extensive damage to a large SUV or truck. As part of the damage liability, the policy will help cover costs associated with repairing a vehicle and damage to a building or other property. If the accident forces an interruption to another business, insurance may also cover that loss of income and legal fees accompanying a subsequent lawsuit.

Coverage for Non-Emergency Use

While fighting fires may serve as the essence of the job, firefighting requires extensive ongoing training and serving the community in other ways. Whether heading to a training site or to a school to let children explore a fire truck, accidents happen without a looming emergency. Commercial insurance kicks in when an incident happens while operating a fire department’s vehicle.

Fighting fire means saving lives, but fire departments also want to ensure their team of professionals stays safe. Although incidents happen, commercial auto insurance adds a layer of protection, whether during an emergency or while completing administrative duties. This added peace of mind enables a department to safeguard its people and equipment.

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