Tips for Arson Prevention

Deliberate fires consume too much of firefighters’ time. Fire crews have to put out these avoidable fires when they could be more prepared for someone whose life is in danger at a house fire, wildfire or road collision.

We must consider the seriousness of these issues and why fires are started intentionally. Educate the community with these tips for arson prevention.

At Home

For place of living, all gates should be secured to prevent access by intruders, while ensuring any damage to fencing is repaired promptly to deter intruders, along with security systems such as alarms or lighting. Close windows when not at home. Burning materials can be introduced through open ground floor windows.

Sheds and garages should be well secured. They often contain flammable liquids and tools that are used to break into a home. Avoid placing bins, rubbish, or other combustible items against the walls of the home, as they’re ready fuel supply for the arsonist.

As a final safety measure, encourage members of your community to promote good relations with neighbors and encourage each other to report anything suspicious.

At the Workplace

Waste disposal:

  • Packaging, waste or rubbish should be removed regularly to a safe storage area – metal bins with closed lids  in a locked location.
  • Arrange for more frequent disposal of waste if it regularly builds up.

Site security:

  • Without blocking fire exits, limit as far as possible the number of entrances in use.
  • Ensure that doors, windows, and locks are in good condition.
  • Gaps under doors to the street should be as narrow as possible to prevent lighted paper being pushed under them.
  • If there is a letter-box it should have a metal container fitted on the inside of the building.
  • Access to storage areas and warehousing should be limited to authorized members of staff only.
  • Make sure you know who has keys to the premises.
  • Consider a procedure for leaving lights on at night.
  • Advise employees to report suspicious behavior by customers or other staff .

Businesses must have an adequate lockdown procedure considering:

  • External doors are locked;
  • Internal doors are closed;
  • No unauthorized persons are left on the premises;
  • No accumulation of waste or rubbish;
  • Alarms are switched on.

Top Tips

  • All accumulated or abandoned refuse should be reported.
  • It’s vital for communities to be aware that anti-social behavior is often linked to arson.
  • Good lighting and surveillance cameras often acts as a deterrent to the criminal. Everyone must take responsibility and think of ways in which someone could start a fire.
  • Parents should contact their local fire prevention team if they notice their child has been playing with matches within the home, or suspect they have an issue with fire. There are programs to ensure that child play behavior doesn’t escalate to a serious fire.


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