2022 Fire Truck Apparatus Trends

Technology continues to evolve, offering firefighters more tools than ever to address emergency situations and put out fires effectively. There are many innovations set to arrive in 2022, including plenty of electronic improvements and better wireless control systems. These advancements aren’t just a matter of convenience — they also offer the potential to save lives as firefighters’ jobs are simplified and operational efficiency is improved. This is a promising development for insurers covering firefighting departments, too, as better equipment offers the potential to minimize liabilities. Learn more about the biggest upcoming trends in fire truck apparatus technology.

Tools to Minimize Driver Error

It’s estimated that driver error accounts for a staggering 93% of all traffic crashes. Indeed, human error is a major problem behind the wheel — for civilians and firefighters alike. Luckily, some of the latest advancements in firefighting technology offer an antidote to the prevalence of this problem. Automatic emergency braking, for example, is becoming an increasingly common feature in fire trucks. This technology can utilize a camera, laser, or radar to detect the threat of collision and issue a warning to the driver. If the fire truck operator fails to respond, an automatic braking action can be deployed.

Better Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

One of the most important aspects of firefighting is communication between associates. This is true when firefighters are on the scene of an emergency, and it’s equally true when firefighters are traveling in fire trucks. Recent advancements in communication tools offer promising improvements to vehicle-to-vehicle communication between fire trucks. New technology offers the ability to broadcast omnidirectional communication so that a 360 degree awareness of vehicles is established.

Improved Protection Against Contaminants

In the wake of COVID, the importance of sanitation cannot be overlooked. Long before the threat of a virus, though, firefighters were contending with cancer-causing contaminants called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. These particles are released as a byproduct of burning, and they’ve been linked to cancer. Unfortunately, they tend to linger in the cabs of fire trucks, putting firefighters at risk — but that may be changing. Many fire truck manufacturers are now adding compartments to truck exteriors to store contaminated gear away from firefighters.

Enhanced Electronic Control Systems

Fire trucks are finally adopting some of the technology that’s been commonplace in other industries for years. While many apparatuses previously relied on manual control systems, the latest generation of trucks is integrating enhanced electronic control systems that utilize technology such as touchscreens and computer-controlled equipment. Other common electronic additions include the installation of wireless cameras that can provide an improved vantage point to drivers, thus improving the overall safety of driving. These electronic improvements can streamline operations considerably and pave the way for better communication protocol, too.

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