Attracting Volunteer Firefighters: Training Programs

There is always going to be a permanent need for firefighters. Whether these professionals are career firefighters or volunteers, all hands on deck are required when an emergency strikes. In our last few posts, we have discussed how your clients can attract more volunteers with the right marketing and community outreach programs. In this last installment, we’re going to explore how offering training programs can give prospective volunteers the confidence they need to join the team. As we explore this final option, protect their operation with a Volunteer Firefighter Liability Insurance package.

Training options.

While training is a must for firefighters, strict budgets prevent many departments from providing the comprehensive training that’s needed. Instead, many of these professionals learn on the job or via virtual training courses. While these are budget-friendly, they aren’t the only solution to this issue.

Co-locate training.

According to Fire Rescue 1, a possible solution might be to offer certification training in conjunction with another nearby department, and to hold that training on your regular training day. This provides the new firefighter with their necessary training and the veteran firefighters with a great review of the basics; It can also provide one or more tutors in addition to the instructor to help all the members with the practical skills part of their training. The instructor should also try to build in at least one or two make-up classes in the event a firefighter has a legitimate reason to miss a class.

Another solution is to partner with a local community college to hold regional trainings. These can be held during the day, on nights, and weekends to accommodate all schedules, especially as volunteers often have other work obligations.

Bridge class.

Depending on the level of skill that these potential volunteers have, your clients can offer bridge courses to advance their knowledge and competencies. This is a great option for volunteers who have industry experience and want to build upon their skill sets.

However, before putting volunteers through this course, give them a basic proficiency test to determine if this is the right fit for them.

Offering training programs can give the volunteers the confidence and resources they need to make a difference. While budgets are always a challenge, these strategies can help your clients provide the training their professionals need without breaking the bank.

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