The Benefits of Online Training in Fire Departments

As we live in a digital age, businesses of all types have learned to adapt to reap the benefits. Fire departments are no exception. As online training programs continue to grow in popularity, seasoned vets can implement this tactic into their training curriculum. However, these advancements in technology are not intended to replace the hands-on training that firefighters need. Instead, it is intended to supplement their courses and add to their overall skill proficiency. As we take a closer look at how these online tools can benefit the industry, ensure your clients secure a Fire Department General Liability program to help mitigate claims and reduce risk.

What does Online Training Consist of?

Tim Riley, a retired chief for Dunedin Fire Department (Fla.) and current Product Specialist for TargetSolutions, the leading Software-as-a-Service training management system for public safety agencies, stated “Online training is a valuable tool for fire departments, but in no way is it meant to replace hands-on training. The truth is, online training, whether it’s a course or some type of custom training content, is great for supplementing hands-on training so instructors have more time to spend working on skills and abilities.”

The department’s Director of EMS Michael Baker explains, “We ask our members to review an online TargetSolutions PowerPoint and video-embedded presentation, and take a test afterward to prepare themselves for when they arrive at an in-service or a training event, to do the skills portion.”

In a recent study, it was found that 76 percent of fire departments already use online training tools or are thinking about acquiring them in the near future. Therefore, these tools can be used to coexist with the current lectures to provide the students with more background and pre-training coursework.

Training: Simplified

Once the students have completed their online coursework, experts say that it leaves them more time to practice hands-on skills and makes drills much more efficient. What’s more, Firehouse explains that the benefits go beyond improved training sessions and comprehensive recordkeeping; By delivering pre-training, instructors can maximize their time working on mandatory firefighting skills and spend less time dealing with scheduling conflicts.

Streamlining Certifications

In addition to basic pre-training coursework, online courses can be taken to complete sexual harassment, substance abuse training and more. Therefore, the benefits of online training are essential to this industry.

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