Common Exposures for Emergency Responders

Emergency responders are the backbone of safety. While they work to ensure their communities are taken care of, they often face risks of their own. From collisions to towing to repairs, emergency responders are subjected to a variety of risks on a daily basis. In order to protect against these potential hazards, ensure your client’s facility is safeguarded with a comprehensive Fire Department Business Auto Insurance policy. Let us take a closer look at the common risk exposures that these industry professionals face.


While the size and strength of firetrucks prevents many deaths, plenty of firefighters are injured each year. According to the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, each year, an average of 100 firefighters die and 100,000 firefighters are injured in the line of duty from a variety of causes including motor vehicle crashes. What’s more, overexertion and stress account for the majority of these fatalities, which is the second leading cause of injury for these responders. Therefore, the United States Fire Administration has openly prioritized this risk as their first priority for risk mitigation in this industry.

Physical Damage to Autos

Whether the fire engine was involved in an accident, a hit and run, or was vandalized, there are many reasons these vehicles can suffer physical damage. As repairs are undoubtedly costly, the right insurance coverage will mitigate these expenses.

Stolen Vehicles

While this is not common, a stolen emergency response vehicle can have significant negative effects. From lost supplies, damaged goods, physical body damage, and exposed client information, these incidents can pose serious financial burdens on their victims.

Uninsured Motorists

Naturally, these vehicles are about 10 times heavier than traditional sedans and cannot stop quickly. Further, when responding to crises, it is necessary that these vehicles travel at high speeds and venture into oncoming traffic when absolutely necessary. While this is part of the job and thorough training has been completed, what happens if the engine has an accident with an uninsured motorist? Our insurance policies can cover the majority of costs your clients might accrue from accidents, injury, and more.

At Provident Fire Plus, we offer custom tailored packages to best protect firefighters. We understand the risks that emergency response teams and their fleet of vehicles are subjected to on a daily basis, and have worked to serve these dedicated professionals for over 87 years. For more information about our products and policies, we invite you to contact our experts today at (855) 201-8880.