Strategies for Attracting More Volunteer Firefighters

In this series of posts, we are going to examine ways that your clients can be proactive about recruiting and hiring volunteer firefighters. There is a permanent need for more hands on deck, especially in the emergency responders sector, and dwindling volunteer numbers are nothing new. Therefore, share with your clients the following strategies for attracting more qualified volunteer personnel and protect their operation with a Volunteer Firefighter Liability Insurance package.


Marketing doesn’t require hiring a professional (and expensive) firm. Instead, marketing can be accessed in so many different ways at little to no cost to your clients.

First, your clients can put out a sign in front of the fire station to announce that they’re hiring. Provide a hard copy of the application or show the link to apply online. Your clients should set up an official Facebook page to keep followers in the loop about job prospects, as well. Post engaging photos, communicate with followers, and list future activities and tours that might be occurring.

Another marketing ploy consists of partnering with local businesses and organizations that can spread the word about the need for more volunteer firefighters. This strategy can also be used at local colleges or high schools, as well.

Embodying a sense of community.

Firefighters are there to serve their communities and keep their residents safe from harm. Because of their inherently protective nature, firefighters have a knack for building a sense of community. Any way your clients can capitalize on this will be beneficial for recruiting volunteers and getting the help they need. Plus, what better way to welcome someone to the community than giving them a role as volunteer firefighter?


As one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in terms of bringing in new volunteers, several states are testing or considering on-line training instead of the traditional classroom setting for the textbook portion of fire classes. This allows the student more flexibility in fitting the book work into their busy schedule. When the class comes together, it is to test their knowledge of the assigned material and to do the hands-on exercises. The standards for passing both the knowledge based and practical training remain unchanged, so it places the responsibility to learn the content squarely on the new firefighter, states Fire Rescue 1.


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