What to do After a Cyber-Attack

It’s every first responders’ worst nightmare: to experience a cyber-breach. Amidst the chaos, there are certain steps to take that are required in order to reduce liability, manage the attack, and recover as quickly as possible. In addition to using the aid of a comprehensive Cyber Liability Insurance policy, heed the following advice for recovering from a breach.

Don’t shut your networks down.

While this may seem like the logical next step, this could actually cause more damage than benefits. For example, valuable information might be lost, which could impede the investigation process. Before doing anything, consult with the responders to the cyber breach to see if it would be beneficial or not. Get to the root of the issue to determine how and why this occurred and how it can be prevented in the future.


Notify the affected people or parties immediately. Be open about what occurred and sincere in the efforts your clients will take in order to move forward. Involve clients, industry experts, analysts, media people and the general public to the broader discussion about the source of the problem, says Digital Guardian.

Report the breach.

In addition to reporting the breach to the insurance company, report this incident to any governmental and credit bureaus to monitor the business for any suspicious activity and repair any existing damage. Next, according to Radware, optimize the security architecture, evaluate and adopt technologies, policies and solution strategies that can help fight future threats; make sure reports and forensic information are available in case it is needed for law enforcement investigation.

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