Back to Basics: Safe Driving in Emergency Calls

Emergency responders are tasked with addressing urgent scenarios every day. In fact, a fire apparatus responds somewhere in the United States every 20 seconds, according to figures from the NFPA. What’s more, the NFPA also found that in 2006 alone, an estimated 16,020 collisions involving fire department emergency vehicles while they were responding to or returning from incidents. Therefore, safe driving techniques for these apparatus’ is critical. In addition to securing a comprehensive Emergency Responder Commercial Auto Insurance policy, it’s imperative that you incorporate the basic safe driving tips during an emergency call.

Be prepared.

Your clients can’t help others if they are injured in the process of getting to the emergency. Be dressed and ready to respond to calls prior to receiving the call. Next, board the rig, immediately sit down and strap in before the engine takes off. Furthermore, wait for the bay doors to completely open in the garage before setting out. This mishap alone can break the budget for any firehouse, so be cautious!

Drive defensively and responsibly.

Even though emergency responders are expected to get to their location as soon as possible, that doesn’t mean all defensive driving techniques should be ignored. Speed within reason, watch for other vehicles, use sirens appropriately, and keep an eye on the road. In addition, have the address typed into a GPS device prior to leaving the station – this will be safer than attempting to navigate while driving.

Warn others of the emergency.

If it is not a true emergency, respond as such- 911 tapes will definitively prove that first arriving units advised all others to disregard, says Fire Rescue 1. Lastly, understand the company’s speed limit maximum policy and follow it.

At Provident Fire Plus, we offer custom tailored packages to best protect firefighters. We understand the risks that emergency response teams and their fleet of vehicles are subjected to on a daily basis, and have worked to serve these dedicated professionals for over 87 years. For more information about our products and policies, we invite you to contact our experts today at (855) 201-8880.