Safety Features for Fire Rigs

With so many additional features and options for fire apparatus’, it might be overwhelming for some departments to pick and choose. While all of them serve their own purpose, these top safety features are ranked as the most critical for these rigs to carry. In addition to securing your client’s operation with a comprehensive Volunteer Firefighter Commercial Auto Insurance, share the following advice with them.

Electronic stability control.

ESC monitors the ABS system and steering wheel position to detect apparatus slide as well as potential apparatus rollovers. When a slip or potential roll is detected, the ESC system can control individual wheel braking as well as throttle to bring the apparatus back under control. By monitoring the steering wheel position, ESC can adjust to the corrections the driver is making to help safely bring the vehicle back to normal operating conditions, explains The Rig.

360 Degree Camera.

This allows the operator of the rig to have clear visibility around the entire rig, not just when reversing. This helps to minimize accidents and allow ease of operation.

Occupant frontal impact protection.

This provides extra protection for the driver of the rig and the occupants with additional airbags. This protects them from impact as well as prevents objects from injuring them should it come through the windshield.

Occupant rollover protection,

This provides airbag protection that automatically deploys in a rollover situation. These airbags, located at each outboard seating position, work in conjunction with a seat belt lock-down pretension system to keep the occupant in a safe position inside the cab and to protect the occupants’ heads from striking the glass or other objects in a rollover incident, says the article.

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