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In our last post, we discussed the three major components of response time: dispatch, turnout, and travel times. As technology progresses and helps to streamline the process, it can help to minimize the response time for emergency situations. In this article, we’ll discuss what other tactics your clients can utilize to reduce their response times and expedite the dispatching process. Most importantly, protect your client’s operation with a Firefighter Liability Insurance package.

Workflow processes.

According to FireRescue 1, growing municipalities mean that individual dispatchers are handling more calls and juggling more situations and responses. An effective workflow process isn’t a luxury, or even an option anymore — it’s a requirement. Because the information load for the dispatcher is growing, the consolidation of devices, user interfaces and information tools should be key when optimizing the dispatcher’s workstation and environment.

This is where technology comes in handy – not only in terms of reducing dispatch delay but also to collect data to recognize pain points. Using the latest software can improve efficiency and identify the areas that need work.

Ideally, they will be equipped with one screen to control all of the functions so that no one gets confused switching from screen to screen. Dispatchers need solutions that further simplify their station by displacing monitors and supporting single mouse and keyboard operations for both CAD and broadband and narrowband radio operation. Innovative console technology can be deployed to eliminate the complexity of managing a cluttered legacy dispatch console configuration.


Training is critical. Managing high-stress situations is not something that can be easily taught, and therefore practice makes perfect. Given various circumstances, all dispatchers should be experts in dispatching the appropriate emergency responders, understanding how to utilize their work stations and technology, and knowing the local landscape.

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