Tips for Getting Hired as a Firefighter in 2021

If you have a client who knows someone who is interested in becoming a firefighter, you may want to have a sit-down discussion with them about what it takes to get hired. Firefighters are essential workers in 2021, and many fire departments are actively seeking new employees, but preparation is still crucial to becoming a strong candidate. Additionally, you may want to make your client aware of the responsibilities, additional insurance, and so on that come with being a firefighter.

Here are some tips you can share with your client for starting a career as a firefighter.

Focus on Specialized Training and Other Unique Skills To Stand Out

Just as with any organization, fire departments look for workers with a range of skills and specialized training. Your client may have expertise in their background that could prove surprisingly helpful to the fire department and that they may want to highlight on their application. These skills could include, for example:

  • A Hazmat specialization
  • Previous fire-related experience
  • Communications or technology expertise

In essence, any additional skills your client has that could stand out in an application may be a pro for them. Even if the skill doesn’t seem to be directly related to fire safety, it could be useful for a given department! For example, a tech expert could help ensure that all the communications systems inside the department are working properly to avoid potentially disastrous system malfunctions in times of emergency.

Learn About the Ins and Outs of the Job Before Applying

As with any job application, your client needs to learn the ins and outs of what being a firefighter entails before applying. You may want to explain facets like the work schedule, the potential insurance that fire departments may need to take on, and other necessary protections unique to this essential line of work. The more informed your client is about the work, the stronger a candidate they may turn out to be come interview time!

Consider Volunteering and Honing Work Ethic Before Applying

Finally, you can remind your client that becoming a firefighter doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s okay to hone skills before re-applying. For instance, your client could volunteer at a fire station for a while to get a feel for the work, build up their resume and hone their work ethic. With this additional background, they’ll have a strong foundation and may be a better candidate!

If working as a firefighter has always been your client’s goal, these tips can help them get there more efficiently. Becoming a firefighter is a significant responsibility that carries ethical weight and may require additional insurance as well, so as an insurance agent, you can help guide your client towards their goal in a responsible and conscientious manner. Discuss these tips with your client at your next meeting to help them understand what it takes to get hired as a firefighter.

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